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When businesses either give or receive leases there are many pitfalls that need to be carefully considered to ensure that the lease reflects what both parties understood would be the outcome. Our team of commercial lease lawyer and conveyancing solicitors in Sydney will make sure that there are no impacts caused by legislative provisions that may impose a greater or lesser obligation on the parties than expected and even as written in the document itself.

Duration and options for lease renewal

Permitted use of land

Tenancy mix and competition

Compensation due to work disruptions

Why is commercial conveyancing different to residential?

When renting or purchasing a commercial property, there are generally more details to consider in the agreement. There are also searches which may need to be conducted which differ to domestic conveyancing and if changes need to be made and negotiated by either party, it is often a less stressful and time-consuming process if your conveyancer or property solicitor has commercial experience so that they can best advise you on these matters.

Commercial Leases – What’s the difference?

Unlike a residential tenancy agreement which is often quite standardised, there are a number of  additional elements that need to be considered such as:

  • Duration and options for lease renewal
  • Permitted use of land
  • Tenancy mix and competition
  • Compensation due to work disruptions

With these additional elements in mind, commercial lease matters should be dealt with by a licensed commercial lease lawyer. The conveyancing solicitors at Hones Lawyers will prepare leases for the landlords or carefully examine the terms of the lease for the tenants to make sure that the outcomes are what either party understands and expects. Full explanation is given of the terms and their meanings. Hones Lawyers is often involved in the resolution of the final terms as well as supporting documents such as agreements to lease or dealing with rent-free periods in a form that is acceptable to all parties.

Whether you are entering into a commercial, retail or industrial lease or purchase, the team at Hones Lawyers can provide you with assistance and a professional legal service.

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A commercial lease lawyer provides legal services to do with commercial law by helping landlords and tenants with real estate contracts.

Commercial Conveyancing FAQs


Do commercial property matters cost more than residential?


This is not always the case however with commercial transactions, there are often a number of other considerations that need to be made depending on the type of business.


I have a commercial lease dispute, can you help?


Our property property and commercial lawyers have extensive experience in assisting with commercial leases from drafting these to negotiation of terms and conditions.


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