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When businesses either give or receive leases there are many pitfalls that need to be carefully considered to ensure that the lease reflects what both parties understood would be the outcome. Our conveyancing team and solicitors will make sure that there are no impacts caused by legislative provisions that may impose a greater or lesser obligation on the parties than expected and even as written in the document itself.

The conveyancing solicitors at Hones Lawyers will prepare leases for the landlords or carefully examine the terms of the lease for the tenants to make sure that the outcomes are what either party understands and expects. Full explanation is given of the terms and their meanings. Hones Lawyers is often involved in the resolution of the final terms as well as supporting documents such as agreements to lease or dealing with rent free periods in a form that is acceptable to all parties.

Whether you are entering into a commercial, retail or industrial lease the team at Hones Lawyers can provide you with assistance and a professional legal service.

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