Selling Property in Sydney

Complete Conveyancing Solutions for Selling Property in Sydney

Looking to sell your real estate or property? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade or downsize your current home due to circumstances? Or maybe you’re looking to relocate and need to sell your home or business property? Whatever your reasons are for wanting to sell your Sydney property our expert team of conveyancers and settlement agents will be able to help make the process easy and stress-free.

selling property process

Many people purchase property and sell at the same time so coordinating a sale and purchase involves a lot of project management skills, legal obligations and extensive experience in the conveyancing industry, especially to have both transactions complete on the same date. Our Sydney based conveyancers not only have this skill and experience, but they will also be there throughout your selling process (every step of the way) and will supply the following conveyancing services to help you sell your real estate or property:

  • Perusal and confirmation of the accuracy of the property transfer documentation
  • Prepare a draft Contract for Sale document
  • Arranging for and witnessing your signature(s)
  • Organising the payout of your existing mortgage
  • Arranging settlement
  • Calculation of rate adjustment
  • Attendance at settlement
  • Banking of proceeds to your account
  • Provide you with a statement of settlement figures for your records

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Selling Property FAQs


What do I need to do before selling my property?


You will need to find a settlement agent and sign an agency agreement - we can recommend reliable agents in most areas of Sydney. You will then need to instruct us to draw up a draft contract for sale. We will also have a number of questions to ask you, so that we can prepare the contract.


I've got a buyer for my house, what happens next?


Your agent will send a sales advice to us and to the buyer's conveyancer. We will discuss the contract with you in detail, including any necessary changes that may come up. Many clients prefer a face-to-face meeting at our office and we are happy to meet you for this stage of the process.


When selling property, what happens at the exchange?


The team at Just Conveyancing will liaise with the purchaser’s conveyancer to exchange contracts and either a 5% or 10% deposit is handed over, usually with a section 66W Certificate. This makes the contract unconditional. Settlement then normally take place 42 days after the exchange.

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