Sydney Strata Law & Disputes

While our experience is vast and varied, strata law matters are among the key areas of expertise at Just Conveyancing Sydney.

Our legal firm is unlike any other, consisting of a specialised interdisciplinary team led by a senior lawyer with over 30 years’ experience in property law.

Our team of strata lawyers in Sydney are adept at navigating through the complexities of strata title laws, regulations and disputes and provide a broad range of legal services for a variety of strata law matters to various client groups.

Areas of Strata Law we can help with:

areas of strata law we can help

Over the years, the specialist strata lawyers and advisors at Just Conveyancing have represented a variety of clients, such as individual lot owners, builders and developers, strata management firms, community schemes and owners.

Areas our lawyers regularly provide practical and strategic advice on include:

  • Strata title legislation (rights and obligations in relation to the Strata Management Act (NSW), common property, lot owner responsibility, strata management responsibility)
  • Strata development issues
  • Owners corporation regulations
  • Property and building matters (including defective building works and disputes)
  • Section 109 certificates

Other aspects of our strata law service includes conducting litigation through the courts, collecting unpaid strata levies in the local courts, and resolving complex disputes through the district and supreme courts.

The diverse skill set of our strata lawyers enables us to provide a unique holistic approach when it comes to managing all facets of strata disputes. This aspect of our service has been instrumental in ensuring we always achieve the best possible results for our clients – making us one of the most sought-after legal firms in Sydney.

At Just Conveyancing, we recognise that each case is different and we are highly dedicated to working with each client on an individualised basis, tailoring our services to suit each client’s needs.

Our team of strata lawyers is known for its professional integrity and transparent practice.

We always work with clients in a collaborative fashion and make every effort to communicate with you on a regular basis - keeping you informed every step of the way.

You never need to worry about any nasty surprises when it comes to your legal costs either; we promise to provide full disclosure of all legal related expenses and offer competitive fixed rates for your satisfaction.

If you would like more information on strata law related matters - or are wanting to enlist the services of our specialist strata lawyers - contact Just Conveyancing Sydney today on 02 8318 0723 or complete the request form on this page.


Strata Law FAQs


How do I add or amend a by-law under our strata title?


Just Conveyancing are able to assist with drafting new by-laws. Please ask us about fixed fees for this service.


Can I manage my own strata plan?


There are a number of self-managed strata titles throughout NSW. Just Conveyancing are able to advise on self-managed strata schemes and processes that need to be followed in order to do this.


I'm unsure about common property, can you assist?


The department of fair trading has developed an up to date memorandum which describes what falls under common property which you can view here.


I am in dispute with my strata manager regarding who is responsible for repairs, is this something you assist with?


We recommend having a read through and discussing with your strata manager. If you are unable to resolve this based on the attached information, our lawyers will be able to represent you for any strata related matters.


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