Conveyancing for Family Property Transfer in NSW

The transferring of real estate or property is what conveyancing is all about and refers to transferring property or moving property ownership, from one person to another. When people transfer property it is often between friends or as a family property transfer and is often done when someone dies, when setting up a trust fund, for tax purposes or when a property is jointly owned. As with buying and selling property, transferring property is a complicated and often costly exercise if you don’t have the help of experienced conveyancers on hand. At Just Conveyancing Sydney, a division of Hones Lawyers, our combined conveyancing education and industry experience has allowed us to grow as a reputable and reliable conveyancing business. Whether you're wanting to transfer property into a family trust or transfer property to a spouse in NSW, our knowledgeable team of conveyancers and solicitors are here to help you and can answer any questions about transferring property and processing the property transfer. The transferring property conveyancing services that we offer include:

  • Advice on your stamp duty requirements
  • Draft documents in relation to the property title transfer
  • Speak to your lender and ensure everything is in order
  • Attend settlement
  • Lodge necessary forms in relation to stamp duty
  • Send final reports
  • And much more

When you want to transfer property talk to us, the people who know what you’re going through and who can not only offer you exceptional property conveyancers in Sydney, but also a property conveyancing service that goes above and beyond simply transferring property. Talk to experts who pride themselves on being up to date on all industry changes in order to offer you the best advice and property conveyancing services.

property transfer process

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Transferring Property FAQs


What are common reasons for transferring property?


There are a number of instances in which people will decide to transfer their property ownership such as parents transferring ownership to children, spouses transferring property or a house sale.


Is stamp duty payable if I am transferring to someone within my family?


Yes, Just Conveyancing can guide you through how to calculate this during our initial consultation.


Can I transfer the title to multiple people?


Yes, this is possible and Just Conveyancing's property lawyers have years of experience in undertaking these transactions.


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