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Company title ownership and disputes can be complex and should only be handled by firms with experience in Company Title Law. Just Conveyancing are one of the only firms in Sydney with over 45 years of experience in Company Title Law.

Why are some properties under a company title as opposed to a strata title?

Prior to 1961, properties which shared common areas were distributed by a company title scheme instead of a strata scheme which has only been introduced in the last 50 years or so.

Whilst some properties remain under a company title, it is quite rare as most have switched to a strata title.

Key points to consider when purchasing property bound by a company title scheme:

As an owner, you’d simply be purchasing a share in the company which owns the title. This means that when important decisions need to be made regarding the property, sometimes directors can do this without consulting owners, leading to company title disputes.

Depending on the constitution, there may be certain restrictions on the property such as whether it can be rented or how it can be renovated

Looking for assistance with a company title property? We’re here to help.

There are many hurdles associated with company title buildings. At Just Conveyancing, we have a Company Title Constitution that has been tried and tested and is accepted by a number of leading financial institutions, alleviating many of the road-blocks and disputes that arise from company title buildings.

Other ways we can assist:

- Advice on company title disputes
- Advice and assistance on transitioning from a company title scheme to a strata title scheme
- Advice on existing company title constitutions
- Advice on stratum titles (a combination of strata and company title properties)

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