Experienced Property Lawyers in Sydney

At our core, Just Conveyancing, a division of Hones Lawyers, is a property based law firm. From buying or selling a property, property transfer, leasing, acquiring easements to obtaining development approvals to actually building. We cover all aspects of property law.

Our conveyancing lawyers in Sydney have assisted those involved in property for over 45 years. Our conveyancers and property lawyers have acted for local councils, developers, architects, retirement village operators, investors (large and small), institutions, buyers & sellers to landlords and lessees.

What Types of properties Can We assist with?

Strata units, strata titles, arrange title searches
Strata Units
Buying and selling houses with help from an expert law firmHouses
Assistance with property law for leasing offices in the Sydney cbd
Shops to lease - help with due diligence and contracts
Commercial property law and conveyancing for factoriesFactories


Our experience broadly covers:

  • Conveyancing – buying & selling
  • Leasing – commercial, industrial, retail, residential and rural
  • Community title

property law in Sydney - Types we assist with:

Buying and selling Sydney property
Buying and Selling
Ownership transferring help from Sydney property lawyers
Leasing help from an experienced conveyancer
Securing titles under Sydney law
Securing Titles
An experienced property lawyer can help with legal advice for easements
Development approvals - property law Sydney
Development Approvals
Council regulations in nsw
Council Regulations
Land tax and taxation help from our team of property lawyers Sydney
Stamp duty for land and real estate
Stamp Duty




How to avoid risks with property transactions in Sydney and NSW

Property law is complex. It covers a wide range of legal situations, such as buying and selling property, dealing with landlords and tenants, and resolving disputes over boundaries.

Mistakes can be costly, which is why it’s important for anyone who owns, or who wants to own or lease real estate, in Sydney and New South Wales to make sure that they receive professional advice that they can confidently rely upon throughout each phase of any property transaction.

As well as the formal processes related to transfer of ownership, mortgages and title searches, there are other significant factors to take into account that are not always so obvious. For example, your sale or purchase may give rise to tax implications which might not be apparent to you. Or if you are a buyer, then stamp duty fees will likely be payable to the state government.

One problem area that we have seen giving rise to a lot of problems is easements. If you are buying or selling property, these affect the title and must be carefully checked. If you are considering creating an easement, so that other people can use parts of your property for things like access to shared driveways or utility lines, formal agreements will be required. It is important to prepare all easements correctly so that there are no costly disputes or legal problems down the track.

The best way to protect yourself from taking any unnecessary and potentially expensive risks is to make sure you receive the right advice. You can rely upon our experience to guide you through the transaction processes and manage your property matters professionally and effectively.

For more legal advice on all areas of property law, call us on 02 8318 0778 or complete the request form.

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