COVID-19 Update

Just Conveyancing Sydney has been closely monitoring developments relating to COVID-19. We have taken active measures to minimise the risk of exposure to our clients, third party providers and staff. This includes limiting face to face meetings and onsite inspections as well as a work from home policy. Our efforts in this regard will continue and should you need to visit our office, we encourage you to use the multiple hand sanitiser stations we have established and to take comfort that our cleaning staff are working with us to maintain a high degree of hygiene.

In addition, we have the capability to provide services remotely to all our clients in the event that the situation deteriorates. To that end, we have access to video-conferencing and remote working facilities. It is very likely that in the coming days, our staff will be offering that you attend conferences remotely using those platforms. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly front of house team or the relevant staff member if you need assistance regarding the same.

For anyone with Court cases running, these are still continuing.  In a nutshell the Court will, as far as possible, conduct these either by telephone or AV link.  If you wish to read more detail, the Court has a new policy and procedures. This information can be found here.

Please rest assured that Just Conveyancing is well placed to continue to service our clients during these unusual times.

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