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Temporary changes to Stamp Duty in NSW

The threshold above which stamp duty is charged on new homes for first home buyers will increase from $650,000 to $800,000, and from $350,000 to $400,000 for vacant land. However, the changes will only apply to newly-built homes and vacant land, not existing homes, and will only last for 12 months starting on 1 August 2020.

Collective Sale Of Strata Apartments Land & Environment Court Decision

At long last, the Land and Environment Court has handed down a judgement dealing with the process and finalisation of the Collective Sale of a Strata Plan. This landmark decision was in the matter of the application by the Owners – Strata Plan No 61299 [2019] NSWLEC 111 and the decision by handed down by Payne, J. Just Conveyancing and Continue Reading

NEWS: NSW State Budget 2017

NSW State Budget 2017 As a result of the NSW Budget announced this week, significant changes to laws affecting NSW property buyers and owners will be introduced, most commencing 1 July 2017, including: First Home Buyers The First Home New Home scheme will be replaced by the First Home Buyers Assistance scheme, thereby extending assistance to first home buyers of Continue Reading

NEWS: Strata Legislation Reform

Significant changes to the Strata Schemes Management and Strata Schemes Development legislation in New South Wales commenced in July 2016. The changes include: 1. Strata Renewal – The legislation introduces a new process to allow for consideration and approval by owners corporations of proposals for the collective sale or redevelopment of strata title properties. 2. Developers – Developers of those Continue Reading

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